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Throughout the generations, Sephardic communities world-wide boasted a tremendous level of Torah scholarship. From the Rishonim of Spain and North Africa to the scholars of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Baghdad and Yerushalayim, our spiritual leaders have not only brought Halacha to incredible heights but also applied it in their communities with great wisdom and clear direction. Under their dedicated leadership, our Hachamim have succeeded in maintaining thriving and devout communities.

ben Isaac Edrehi: Book Historical Account of the Ten Tribes beyond Sambatyon

Kol hator

Shavei Israel

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  1. I am interested in converting to Judaism and don’t know where to go from here. I’ve been reading the Torah and studying Hebrew but I’m a little lost. Can someone tell me what is available to help me in my quest? Thank you,
    Lynn Heiskell

    1. No need to convert just follow the 7 Noah hide laws, it’s very difficult to follow Orthodox Judism , it’s important to live in the community first and foremost, and have a close fellowship with the community. Conservative judaism is not the way to go any Orthodox Rabbi will still want you to convert to Orthodox. And I would agree . Listen to Rabbi Yosef mizrachi on you he’s web site divine find he’s new app and listen to he’s lectures start there and stay close to Orthodox judaism

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