The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue Of Montreal

The Sound of Spanish Torah Reading

In this part of the United States, Amarillo, Texas we have had one of the greatest blessings to hearing Yeminite Trope from a beautiful singer Rabbi Isreal Vana.

Our small community who descend from Spanish Conversos have seen Jews from France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Israel, and many more to come as we welcome every Jew who needs a place to Davine and study and share their heritage of Judaism with us.

We invite you to come and share.

Gavriel ben David

We meet every Erev Shabbat at 7:00 pm and Shabbat for Shacharit at 9:30 am and Arvit at 7:00 pm. Our services are based on visitors and their traditions. We do not have a Rabbi at our Synagogue but we do have great hospitality and love for Torah and Hashem.

The Great Commentary of Tanach AlephBeta

Please Support Rabbi David Fohrman

What AlephBeta unique?

1. AlephBeta strives to give a modern medium to an ancient message.

They make stunning animated videos and slickly-produced audios on the parsha, holidays, prayers, and many other topics that present Torah ideas in an easy-to-consume way. I know it’s weird to compliment ourselves, but this is sort of like an interview – right? So we’re supposed to list our strengths!

In a world where you could be watching Netflix and YouTube, AlephBeta wants you here with them, experiencing the timeless wisdom of Torah in a way that stands up to the best production value the secular world has to offer. (And if you ask us about our weaknesses…it’s that they care too much 😉