JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY: The Parting of the Ways – Rabbi Eli Cohen

JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY: The Parting of the Ways – with Rabbi Eli Cohen

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JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY: The Parting of the Ways – with Rabbi Eli Cohen

Many people know that the religion that became Christianity originally began as a movement within Judaism. What is less well understood is how this transformation actually took place. This presentation examines the critical embryonic departure from Judaism that led to a total unraveling of Christianity from its Jewish roots.

• JEWS FOR JUDAISM is an outreach organization whose primary goal is to win back to Judaism those Jews who have been influenced by the following six threats to Jewish survival that are devastating the global Jewish community.

  1. Hebrew-Christian missionaries convert thousands of Jews worldwide every year
  2. Destructive cults cause many Jews to abandon family, friends and careers
  3. Eastern religions, Buddhism and Hinduism are spiritual choices for many Jews
  4. Apathy and ignorance leave many Jews unaware, unaffiliated and assimilated
  5. Intermarriage is exploding with a 75% rate in some North American cities
  6. Anti-Israel BDS on campus inhibits Jewish students from standing up for Israel and Judaism

To assist non-Jews who have left other religions, JEWS FOR JUDAISM also provides educational programs to help them embrace the Torah’s Seven Noachide Laws for Gentiles.

We achieve our goals through our worldwide Internet outreach, Social Media, free educational programs, educational literature and counseling services that connect Jewish people to the spiritual depth, beauty and wisdom of Judaism.

“I am so grateful to have discovered the wonderful Jews for Judaism YouTube lectures by Rabbi Skobac. I am a Jew who converted to Christianity in college, but now, thanks to your online outreach, I have returned to Judaism. Thank you.” – Rebecca G.

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